Women are Like cats and Men like Dogs, or are they?, Changes, mp3, Angel Cures snippets mp3 - Happiness Book, Song about changes to come, Well-being music, all soon out on release, downloadable

Women are like Cats.... this book will keep everyone amused and enlightened. There's plans for a TV series adaptation in the form of Desperate  Housewives and such like

can be ordered on

CHANGES may well have you all in tears;

ANGEL CURES should enable even the worst insomniac to go into deep sleep. The subconscious will work effectively for your well-being whilst listening.

NOW OUT ON ITUNES, AMAZON and other music download sites

LOOK BEYOND - Motivational Music CD

LOOK BEYOND is the name of Sheylas new album now downloadable on ITunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. It is a joint effort together with Maureen Hiron - a world renowned Games Inventor and now Composer of music; Ingvar Areliusson and Sheila Bonnick. The tunes are mostly written in the Dorian and Aolian modes, which makes this album unique as most works are composed in majors and minors.  Sheila is singing lead and BVs 

BONNIE FASHIONS - Fashion line specialising in stage and evening-wear

A fashion line specialising in exclusive stage and evening wear, seen at various shows Sheyla and team do internationally. Basically the onstage cast will model the collection at the same time as doing the shows and members from the audience can order from an upcoming site. Not only the audiences will have the privilege of ordering however, members of general public can also buy