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Angel Cures

Francesca Mowatt
Most songs except for 2 written by S. Bonnick and I. Areliusson


Songs from the Album Angel Cures about a selection of different angels and their roles.  It has occurred to me that  we are in an age of awareness and enlightenment.  I feel more and more people are at last waking up to their senses and realizing there's more to life than what we see.  More to life than money, appearances and things. The search for happiness begins with such reality and until that's understood, there is no true happiness. We waste so much precious time envying and coveting others only to find out when and if achieved its not what we really wanted anyway; or thinking we can have better and even more.  There's nothing wrong with trying to do the best you can, trying to be the best you can and have nice things but knowing where to stop is the key as is learning how to share.


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