Your comments dont even deserve a reply but I will do so in the hope of maybe offering a 'reality check'. 

Firstly, we have called this group Sounds of...........only to separate the real from the unreal - meaning to emphasize that it IS a tribute band, what do you suggest (not that its any of your business) but what would you perceive as a reasonable title...I trust that whatever I call it would never satisfy you as you are all just OBSESSED with the whole thing - GET A LIFE .  Nobody is trying to imply or out do, nor embarrass, nor disrespect nor any of the other claims, I'm just telling the truth and using my HISTORY to make a living and to keep the music alive, surely that cannot offend!

Its up to anyone to make an honest living as they think fit and its absolutely nothing to do with you or anyone else....would you also like to stop all the Abbas and the other tribute bands out there..I think not! Your argument wouldn't be too bad if all the people you mentioned wrote the songs (like Abba) then they would have a little more right to object...I do understand, however, about Ms Mitchell and Marcia making up the sound and good luck to them, but GET OVER IT (nobody is trying to take that away!)...we move on, music is for enjoyment and sharing, as long as everyone is getting their fair dues, which they are. 

When I spoke to Marcia she was well thrilled, unless she was pretending ,and if I could speak to Frank (like intended) I guess he wouldn't mind, as its his baby and he must love the lasting success, regardless of whose contribution! 

It might interest you to know that I have a very good friend in one of the top newspapers and if this carries on I shall have to inform him of all this, plus I have already got legal advice with Union and others and they have informed me I'm 'clean'. THIS IS HARASSMENT! but if you want to waste your time and energy then go ahead! cos I dont care in the end.

Maizie and Bobby were also harassed and they're still standing strong! 

 I'm saddened when I think I used to get so well along with both Liz and Thomas but its always about GREED AND POWER and all the 'hangers on' are foolishly contributing.

I start to see that there's something about BONEY M that is strange anyhow!  but the music will always live on and its Franks music, with, of course, great vocal contribution from Liz and Marcia and Charisma of Bobby and style and individuality of Maizie but accept it FOR WHAT IS IS FINALLY!

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